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How to
Start A

Online Event

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 During this  online event, you will learn:



Mindset required for starting a business (that nobody tells you)


How and why does Purpose play a part? 


Important steps to get ready

What the future of work looks like, so that you are ready and you can thrive and be resilient no matter what happens. 

I, Brooke O. Erol, who will deliver this event work with leaders, founders, C-Suite executives, HR (People and Culture as she prefers to call them) to create human-centered work environments where engagement rates improve, turnover is minimal, and profit becomes a by-product. Most important, people come to work with enthusiasm and passion, not only to get a paycheck.

I had to go through the steps of starting two businesses without a lot of help. I have so much to share and give so that you can start with the right foundation. I will include my knowledge about future of work so that we all know how to thrive in this new world. 


I have worked with international companies. I am the author of Create a Life You Love and co-author of From Hierarchy to High Performance. I speak internationally about the Future of Workplaces and Purpose Driven Leadership/Organizations.


More about me and my company on this website. 

Who is this for?
  • Founders/new entrepreneurs or plan-to-be-entrepreneurs who want to learn how to start an organization with purpose and positive impact (besides making money)
  • Entrepreneurs who want to make sure they start with the right foundation & thrive no matter what
  • Professionals who left their jobs considering if entrepreneurship is the best option for them 
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