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Online Event

Be at the
Right Side
of Purpose

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10-10:30 PST Q&A


(Details will be sent when you register)

Major takeaways:


1️⃣ Understand the true meaning of Purposeful Business

2️⃣ Grasp the difference between Convenient and Deep Purpose

3️⃣ See the benefits of Deep Purpose work

4️⃣ How Individual Purpose plays a part

5️⃣ Hear from one of the most Purpose Driven CEO's of our times Garry Ridge, (retiring CEO of WD40 Company) and how Deep Purpose made them successful 

6️⃣ Make a better decision for yourself/your team/your organization if you want to explore Purpose more

Who is this for?
  • CEOs, Founders, Leaders who do not only want to make profit but also have a positive impact through business and leave a good legacy

  • HR, CHRO people who are trying to figure out if Purpose is something they want to explore more

  • Leaders who are still skeptical and think Purpose has no link to business and/or does not impact business results yet still want to give another chance to understand what Purpose can do for their teams and organizations

Why is Purposeful Business, Inc delivering this?

  • As the Founder of Purposeful Business, Inc, I have been in the Individual and Organizational Purpose space for more than two decades when it was not even a discussion topic which 

    • gave me vast experience dwelling into the depths of what Purpose really means

    • enabled me to look deep into Purposeful businesses for years around the world to see what they are doing right and see their results

    • gave me the chance to see the evolution of this work in the world

  • I can see both sides of the equation since I work with both individuals and organizations understanding what they need from each other

  • I am infinitely passionate about this work and get to work and collaborate with people around the world in this topic

  • I see the connection between Purpose and all the other fundamental pillars of an organization: Belonging, Leadership and Ways of Working, thanks to my team at

  • I have seen over and over again how people love to come to work for an exciting Purpose versus only to get a paycheck. I know it works!

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