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Building Purposeful Organizations

Put your purpose to work.


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All above modules are available alone as well as  part of a package. Depending on the discovery session results, which are valuable on its own, we discuss what is most needed for the outcome envisioned. 

There is an amazing team that we collaborate on bigger projects to expand this work even further who have collectively 60+ years of experience in leadership, distributed teams, human-centered design, People & Culture (HR) services. 
Want to work with the best?
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Purposeful Business sits at the
intersection of Culture/Adaptability/
Financial and Social Impact
since a purpose-driven organizations touch and impact all these areas:
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Expert areas:
  • Purpose Discovery 
  • Purpose Activation
  • Purpose and Talent Integration
  • Purpose as part of Business Strategy
Startups (start with the right foundation)
With my team of experts additional services are:
  • Learning & Development
  • People Engagement
  • Self-management
  • Leadership 
  • Belonging
  • Culture Transformation
  • Unbiased Hiring/Talent Acquisition
  • Human-centric design


A. You can buy any one or any mix of the modules:

1.Engagement survey to assess where your people are now and have a whiteboard session with the executive team to see if there are gaps 

2. Turnover cost analysis and a plan on how to reduce it

3. Workshops:

Lunch and Learn (best and easiest place to start- Is Purpose the right thing for us?)

Setting the foundation

What does purposeful business really mean

Activating purpose

4. Find/Discover Your Purpose session

5. Vision and Values (after purpose)

6. Purpose integration to Talent Practices

7. Purpose as part of Business Strategy

8. "Purpose-Driven for Best Outcome" Package (all of the above)

B. We can work in any of these formats to tackle above or more:
3-6-9-12 month Advisory Services
1:1 Coaching sessions
Group coaching
Full day intensives
Purpose Lab 
VIP Deep Dive Day with Brooke 
Whiteboard sessions
Drop in office hours
Speaking + Workshop

How can We Work Together?

You can easily afford this investment since you save so much in the long run. 

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