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Transitioning to a New Participative Mindset



Purposeful Business specializes in helping companies that have a hard time adapting to changes in the workplace.  We work with their people to create innovative and engaging environments.  We make sure organizations understand the real cost of turnover and how they can minimize it. We also help them build marketing strategies that are centered around the purpose and soul of the organization. We understand that the old ways of structuring organizations with layers of management, having strict hours to work and managing employees with a traditional mindset are all falling short these days.



Many businesses have three or even four generations working side by side that have different values. Owners, CEOs and many executives are having a hard time creating environments that truly encourage creativity and engagement for all of them. A large generation in the workplace – millennials – are leaving their jobs.  Companies want to understand why, as they don’t want to continue to go through the high cost of turnover. 


They’ve seen that their competitors who have flat organizations have created environments that enhance motivation and engagement resulting in higher productivity and profits. Organizations of every size and every industry are seeing the benefits of following this new way of thinking.


Purposeful Business would love to work with you to assess your current situation and help you transition your business to this new, more effective participative type of business management. This approach has broad effects on everything from your hiring to your pay structure to the hours you work. 


We will work with you to:


  • Build innovative engaging environments

  • Assess and improve the culture

  • Come up with mission and vision statements embraced by everyone

  • Set up motivational profit-sharing with employees (stakeholders)

  • Set up hiring to match your culture and the job

  • Shift from managing to leading

  • Show you how to save money by reducing the cost of turnover

  • Create self-managed teams


Today consumers are more conscious than ever before about how and where they spend their money and what really matters in their life. They want to buy from organizations that stand for something beyond profit maximization. They want to work for these type of companies. This makes it is worth embracing these changes to thrive in this new business climate. Purposeful Business wants to help you create an environment where people are proud to buy your products and services; where your people love being part of your team and never want to leave.


In short, we love to help organizations create environments where everybody loves to come to work every day. We know this is possible and the only way to thrive in this new world.








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Expert areas:
  • Talent Management
  • Leadership Development
  • Purpose Implementation
  • Learning & Development
  • People Engagement
  • Turnover Management
  • Culture Transformation

You can easily afford this investment since you will save so much in the long run. We conduct some assessments with you before we even take a penny out of your pocket. 


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