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I love sharing my experience in the workplace;

  • starting working for a giant organization like IBM,

  • working for small business,

  • and then being an entrepreneur.


I love speaking about

what I learned as went down the path of humanizing the workplace;

  • how to engage employees,

  • make sure people are more aligned and fulfilled at work. 


We are all at different places on the consciousness level about how life and work should align. It is very helpful to start with awareness. Speaking helps me share the reason behind the changes and what others are doing that can inspire us to be more effective at work. I also learn from my clients and audience what is most important to them. 


Here are some of the titles of my talks:


Cutting Edge Leadership to Thrive in the Future:  Letting go of Industrial Age Mindset to Embrace the 21st Century


Purpose as a Disruptor in the Workplace


How Legendary Leaders Run Extraordinary Organizations




Key points that are covered:


  • Key elements of the Industrial Age Mindset that we can let go

  • The impact of old and new mindset on business

  • What future looks like for organizations and their culture

  • Impact of generational gaps and "shared economy"

  • Explanation of the benefits of “Purpose beyond Profit” as a change agent

  • How our roles as leaders need to change to thrive in the future


Their major takeaways will be:


  1. Understand the “Why” behind the changes in the workplace

  2. Realize the main differences between the Industrial Age versus 21st Century mindset

  3. Learn what to do as leaders to make the shift to the new mindset

  4. Hear real examples of companies that already are more profitable by living the new mindset

  5. Be more proactive and feel prepared for what is down the road for your organizations

  6. Leave with some actionable tools that are ready to be implemented

  7. Find the best way to leave a legacy

Some of the Testimonials

Brooke, I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation at the HumansFirst event in Dallas this week. It was very thought provoking, inspiring, motivating and important information that was shared by you and the other presenters. B.A.


I really enjoyed your presentation. You made me laugh. I had the same experience in corporate america & I just had enough. I really enjoyed hearing your story. You seem like a very intelligent driven person. A. F. 


Your research, business advice and personal stories are inspirational. G.P. 


Awesome that there is so much interest in #PURPOSE as you travel the globe Ozlem Brooke Erol! "I am continuing to give speeches about Purposeful Leadership & Organizations until it is no longer necessary" - you are an inspiration! A.S.

leadership, purpose, culture, speech
leadership, purpose, generations
Some places I spoke:

Some of my talks throughout the US and Europe in 2018-19:


Feb 2018:         TurkishWIN NYC

                            IBM Turkey


March 2018:    College Bound  at PQ                                          Library 


May 2018:        &AndNow Conference


July 2018:        SCORE CEO Forum 


Oct 2018:         Vistage 


Nov 2018:         Crossover

                            Sabanci University

                            Expertera & Makers @                                       Google Dome

                            YourBestLife and                                                 Purposeful Business


Dec 2018:          HumanFirstClub Dallas

Feb 2019:          HumanFirst Los Angeles

April 2019:        Legendary Leaders Seminar

Oct 2019:          Alliant University

Nov 2019:          HackingHR Istanbul

                             Bosphorus University

                             Galatasaray University

Feb 2020:           San Diego Purpose Event                                   with HumansFirst

April 2020:        Purpose Activation

                             HumansFirst Global Rally


May 2020:          Purpose with UAA Alumni

June 2020:         Purpose for Work

July 2020:          Purpose Summit with                                         Lorna Moon

leadership, generations, purpose
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