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Zoom Webinar
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 During this  webinar, you will learn:



What Purpose really means in an organization (and all the misconceptions too)

Why it is more than a lofty statement; how it ties to business strategy, hiring

How it affects business bottomline when it is truly activated (more growth & profit)

Examples of amazing leaders/organizations who have done it

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Brooke O. Erol, who will deliver this webinar works with leaders, founders, C-Suite executives, HR (People and Culture as she prefers to call them) to create human-centered work environments where engagement rates improve, turnover is minimal, and massive profit becomes a by-product.


She has international experience working with Fortune 500 companies as her clients. She is the author of Create a Life You Love and co-author of From Hierarchy to High Performance. She speaks internationally about the Future of Workplaces and Purpose Driven Leadership. 


Find out more about her and her work throughout this website.  

Who is this for?
  • CEO/Founder/HR people who want to know how to implement purpose as a foundation of their culture & business strategy
  • Any practitioners who want to add purpose activation to their toolbox
  • Anyone who is curious about learning Purpose at work more in depth
  • Any leader in any position who wants to bring Purpose to their teams
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