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How to Activate Purpose at Your Organization for Healthy Growth and More Profit


Why this workshop?


Current way we run organizations are stretched to its limits. Our organizational operating system is broken, and we have to fix it. People at the bottom of the pyramid are in dread and drudgery, engagement rates are at its lowest. Life at the top of the pyramids is not so fulfilling either.  Many leaders stay awake at night feeling the need to change and feel anxious for the future. 


Everybody recognizes the need to change, but how?


Purpose beyond profit is one of the fundamental tools to start this change if understood and implemented correctly. Many global institutions like UN, ILO, Roundtable CEOs, BlackRock recognizes the need for purpose for all type of organizations now not only NGOs. 


Most CEOs started to see the value of purpose-driven organizations but majority still do not understand the tie between purpose and their numbers. It is proven over and over again all around the world, all sizes and shape of companies can drive more profit as a by product of purpose, when it is activated with the right reasons and steps.


What will everyone walk away with?


  • A solid understanding of what Purpose means in the workplace

  • The science behind Purpose

  • Evolution of Purpose

  • Steps of creating your Purpose statement at your organization

  • Process of tying your business strategy to Purpose and understanding the benefits

  • Steps of integrating Purpose to your Talent Development and Human Capital (HR) practices

  • Learn about exemplary Purpose-Driven organizations and what they did right

  • A clear understanding of the reason why Purpose drives profit

  • Walk away with all the tools to activate Purpose with your team 

Duration:One full day


Who should come? 


Leaders at all levels but best if C-Level and People Directors (HR)


  • who wants to do the right thing for their people and organization for sustainable growth

  • who has an open mind to look at work and their people from a different perspective

  • who really cares about what your organization stands for besides making profit

  • who wants to be a pioneer in the way you lead your organization

  • who wants to leave an amazing legacy

  • who wants to understand what the new type of leadership looks like


Who delivers it?


Brooke Ozlem Erol, the Founder of Purposeful Business who has been in the Purpose space for 25+ years now. She is an author, speaker, consultant passionate about helping leaders catch up with our times and grow their organizations with the right mindset needed today without sacrificing the well-being of their people. 

At the beautiful Morgan Run Resort in

Rancho Santa Fe!

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