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Purposeful Startups

The best way to do good in the world with your business

Startup Packages

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A. Foundation -Strong


Dartboard Bullseye

B. Foundation-Strong + Positioning


Reviewing Proposal

C. Foundation-Strong + 

Positioning +

4 Pillars


Packages for Startups:


Once you click on the one you choose above, we will set up a 45 min phone or Zoom call to talk about details.

1. Foundation-Strong Package:


We explore and clarify your Purpose/Vision and Values to set the foundation right for your business. Every decision you make will be aligned with them from that point on as your North Star. 


You will attract the right talent and retain them. All you stakeholders will know what you stand for. Business strategy will build on it too. Your customers will trust you. 


Let's start with the right mindset.



2. Foundation-Strong + Positioning:


Unless you know the pain of your clients, be very clear about what you are solving for them and position yourself, they won't be able to find you when they need your products or services. You will be able to build on your foundation of Purpose/Values/Vision with good messaging and positioning. 

This is a critical step that is overlooked. 


3. Foundation-Strong + Positioning + 4 Pillars:

In addition to all above, this package goes into the modern business 4 pillars. Purpose, Autonomy (distributed decision making), New Leadership (vs management), and Human-centric design & culture. Purposeful Business works with 3 world-known experts who will take the time to support your business bringing the best intersection of these 4 principles in a special session with you. 

We can't wait to hear from you! Call us today and let us help you find the best choice for you.
We need a very different kind of business in our world right now. Focusing only on profit and growth is not sustainable anymore.
Everybody sees business as a force for good now. The consumers and employees have very different expectations from companies.
Consumer behavior and how people spend their money changed too. People stay loyal to companies who care about people and planet. 
Your clients and all stakeholders want to know
  • Your purpose 
  • What your organization stand for
  • What you believe in
  • Your unique way to solve people and planet's problems
Purposeful Business will co-create with you using the experience of starting two businesses. 
We help you present your business as a reflection of who you really are and also aligned with what the world needs now. 
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