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Secrets of an extraordinary leader

Think of a CEO who genuinely cares about his people and treats them with dignity.

Think of a CEO who believes EVERYbody matters.

Think of a CEO who understands that people bring their happiness or stress at work to their families and have a big impact on them.

Think of a CEO who understands a leader is responsible for the well-being of his/her people, having an impact on their health more than their primary doctor.

Think of a CEO who understands there is something fundamentally wrong in the workplace if we only have a saying like TGIF but nothing like TGIM.

Think of a CEO who understands the impact he can make in the world if people get to be better by spending an hour at the church while they spend at least 40 at work.

Think of a CEO who knows the power of business in creating good in the world.

Think of a CEO who is humble enough to tell you he was not the type of leader he is today when he first started and is brave enough to share his old practices.

Think of a CEO who gets together with his team to "measure success by the way they touch the lives of people".

Think of a CEO who thinks we now need a Human Revolution just like we had an Industrial Revolution.

Think of a CEO who understands we do not listen enough because we are not taught enough to care about others.

Think of a CEO who says he does not want to go to his grave being proud of his products but being proud of his people who create those products.

Then think of people who are skeptical of his #leadership even after he proved over and over again caring about his people worked for all stakeholders including the business bottom line.

He asks the right question to them:

"Why do we need to justify caring about our people?"

There is no good and human answer to that. If you do not believe in caring about people, there is nothing left to discuss.

Thank you Bob Chapman for being truly human. These are the secrets of an extraordinary leader. Thank you to Raj Sisodia, co-author of this amazing book, for your leadership in Conscious Capitalism movement too.

Thank you Kevin Monroe to bring his messages up front again with your podcast with him on your amazing Higher Purpose Platform.

If you have not read Bob Chapman and Raj Sisodia's book Everybody Matters yet, make sure you get a copy to learn more of Bob's journey to become the leader he is today. It is amazing. He is my dream come true since I started imagining a better work world 25+ years ago. I am holding an event on April 25th in San Diego to share more about extraordinary leaders like him do in practice since I am fascinated with their leadership. It is called What Legendary Leaders Know About Running Extraordinary Organizations.

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