Five things I learned the hard way when I became an entrepreneur

I love to share what I learn so that others do not have to repeat the same mistakes I did. Those of you who started a business would know what a tremendous learning experience that is. I believe having a child and starting a business are the two major milestones in life that teaches a lot about ourselves. Here are the 5 things I had to learn on my own: 1. Answer the question WHY you want to be in this business (besides making money or being flexible etc.) What it really means to you in your heart. Who do you want to serve and what problem are you solving for them? Why do you care about this business versus another one? This is so much more important than a business plan. When you get clar

Two Leadership Types, But Only One Successful Leader

As seen on Switch&Shift ( When I watch and research changes in the workplace, I see two different leadership types. The first of the these leadership types notices the disruptive changes as they unfold. They observe the people in their organizations, talk and listen to three generations in their offices, follow new business books and magazines, attend conferences, and are aware the business landscape is shifting. Instead of resisting changes they look for ways to embrace them. The Heart-Centered Leader They are visionary people who always try to do the right thing. Even if that means altering the way they do business or making new investments. They know many norms accep

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