Are we really willing to face the real reasons for turnover?

One of the challenges I hear from CEOs, entrepreneurs, Human Capital Directors is retaining greatpeople. “Great” people here means they are a good fit for their position and are also aligned with values and culture of the organization. They tend to have the highest performance. They care about what they do and how they do it. They outperform since they use their strengths. As Gallup studies always find out, people using and improving our strengths are six times more likely to be engaged at work. Many leaders I meet have major concerns about attracting, retaining, and replacing good talent. This is true everywhere. I had many trips to different countries where the common theme among executive

Consumers watching closely as values of Corporate America changing – United/Wells Fargo- Starbucks/A

We have so many news nowadays where we get to watch how Corporate America is reacting to some unfortunate events happening at their end. I am sure they had similar challenges in the past but now we are following much more closely how they deal with these difficult situations they are facing. Here are some examples and how they handled the situations: United Airlines, after having series of horrible incidents happening on their flights from dragging a passenger out of a plane to causing the death of several pets, has not come out in a way that we could all hear that they are making all the changes necessary so that these never ever happen again. Do you trust they took all kinds of precautions

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