Can we all be a little more like Southwest? Please?

I wrote this article right after I flew to Dallas Love Field with Southwest (the only airlines I use for my domestic flights) on December 3rd, 2018 . I took the above picture there too. I was in Dallas speaking at the at the FirstHumanClub conference. Mark Nagel, Senior Manager People, HR Transformation and Employee Services at Southwest Airlines, was also a speaker who told us the amazing stories and the culture of the company which made my heart leap one more time. I have been following this amazing company for a long time now. I did not have the chance to publish it since then. Today I heard the amazing visionary and humanistic co-founder Herb Kelleher died. I wanted to share this in his

What do you want your legacy to be?

Today we watched the funeral of 41stPresident of USA, George H.W. Bush. As you listened to how he was remembered, it makes you wonder what others will say about you when you are gone. You do not have to be a President to think about it. We all wish to be remembered well. Glad to see many people had good things to say about our 41stPresident. Years ago, I decided to talk to elderly people to understand what they value about their lives the most. What is the most important thing in life after living for 80, 90, 100 years? If the answers are especially common and universal, I wanted to know it now. What do they want to say about their lives? I saw many people around me who started living a bett

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