Meaningful "work" for 2018

We can dream and have new goals every day of the year. There is something magical about new beginnings though. A Monday, a new month and especially a new year. We feel there is an extra energy that comes with a fresh start. It is easier to leave behind a difficult week, month or year. Hence the big New Year resolutions we have. Some of us have tried and decided not to do it anymore cause it left us feel like a failure when we could not achieve the goal. For some new year is still full of hope. The one that I work on the most is to do everything in my power to stop "suffering at work". Large number of people feel miserable to make money. We reached a threshold and work as we know it is not wo

5 Phrases We Can Drop as Leaders

Originally as seen in Huffington Post: on 11/30/2017 Like anything else in life, if we don’t question our beliefs, we keep on living with the old habits. Living with what becomes normal may not even serve us or our wellbeing, but we may not be aware of it. This also applies to how we worked for the past 150+ years and the concepts and phrases we adopted in our language. Most of us accepted the notion of working for the money. Yes, it is a fact that most of us need money and that is why we work. The only difference is the norm we inherited with that: we are not supposed

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