Tired of Hearing About Purpose? (Part 2)

In my last article - Part 1, I explained why Purpose became a big topic lately. It is about the world we live in and the factors that play a role in putting Purpose into the spotlight. So that one was about all outside factors. This time, I want to say more about how hearing about Purpose too many times affects us personally; the inside factors. Why do some of us feel a cringe in our stomach when people tell us find your Purpose, find work with meaning? After working with with hundreds of clients over the years, reading lots of research, getting training, learning from pioneers, here is what I found out: 1. For Baby Boomers and Gen X the formula given for work was simple: you find a job t

Tired of Hearing About Purpose? (Part 1)

I get it. Including me, so many people write about it, talk about it like never before. It is important to understand why Purpose comes up so often though. Being in this space for a long time, I wanted to elaborate on two aspects of these Purpose conversations. This time (Part1) I am going to explain the why behind much interest in these discussions. Next time (Part 2), it will be about the personal whys behind feeling tired of hearing about it. As soon as Industrial Revolution took place and people traded their time for money at work, we accepted “work” as a means to an end. It was supposed to be hard and even suck at times because we were told work only exists to make money. We needed to

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