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Some of my Favorite Books in 2018

Favorite business nonfiction books of 2018

I have a loooooong list of books to read in 2019 and I am looking forward to it. I am who I am because of all the books I read. I cannot list them all but here are some (in no particular order but just how they were stacked) that I really enjoyed and sometimes even fell in love in 2018:

Process is all about famous authors and their writing routines. It is fascinating to read their stories and understand all the difficulties of being an author. As in anything else nothing comes easy. There is so much passion and perseverance in getting to be great at something.

21 Lessons for the 21st Century is so timely from Harari. It touches every topic our world is going through. I recommend it to everyone to understand the common challenges we all face.

Everybody Matters was the last one I read and it made me feel so good I did not want to start a new one not to ruin this amazing feeling I have. Knowing a great leader like Bob Chapman exists in our world, proving you can care about your people and create a prosperous business is priceless. What a heart and people-centered CEO. Amazing! One of my goals is to meet him in person in 2019.

From Hierarchy to High Performance had to be there not only because it is a book I co-authored but also it became an International BestSeller on Amazon in August 2018. It is a short book that covers the main topics of creating Great Work Cultures including self-management, trust, well-being, purpose, changes in the workplace. Grateful that Adam Grant gave us a testimonial.

Becoming from Michelle Obama proves again that people from regular backgrounds can achieve so much and can dream big. Even it is the first family, some struggles we go through are the same. Being a mom is so similar everywhere no matter what you do.

Beyond Empowerment is from my friend and co-author Doug Kirkpatrick who is a global speaker, author, consultant, very well know expert in self-management. His book talks about the power of self-managed organizations.

Dual Transformation is a great book of our times that tells us why every organization need to run parallel transformations to be ready. Thank you Rod Collins for recommending it. I use it in my speeches and my consultancy work all the time now.

Maximizing Your ROPI is about investing in your people. John Strom has been a mentor to me for the last few years and his book has a lot of value in my work. The new version is coming up in 2019. Cannot wait.

Creating High Performance Work Place from my co-author Sue Bingham is again one of the books I use and refer every day in my culture work. She brings forth all her wisdom and experience working with organizations with her co-author Bob Dusin. Very useful for any leader who wants to create a better workplace based on trust.

The Purpose Economy was the first book I finished in January. I don't know why I did not read it before since it is right up there in my topics talking in depth about Purpose and why it is the future. Amazing book for someone like me creating awareness around Purpose in the workplace.

Turning Pro is again a book of a genius since it is very short book with all the wisdom you need just like his other book The War of Art which changed my life. Just love Steven Pressfield and his work. It talks about finding our power and owning it.

Dying for a Paycheck was the book I was waiting for years. I did not know it until I had it in my hands. I always knew we are making people sick with the toxic work environments and bad leadership but I needed the research behind it. It points put so may facts about the stress that work causes and why we need to change this. I refer to it in all my speeches and my engagements with my clients.

And the last but not the least my friend Kimberly Davis's book Brave Leadership. I first heard her speak at WorkHuman in 2017 and loved it. Then I met her in person in Austin this year. I read her book and fell in love with her wisdom. What a great book about being brave in this new world we live in. Very down-to-earth strategies we can all learn.

I am sure I am a better version of myself now than December 2017 because of all I read and learned from each one of these books.

Happy 2019 and lots of other amazing books to read! :)

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